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Deactivating your USDOT number is a necessary step if you are ceasing operations or no longer require the number for your commercial vehicles.

Methods of Deactivation:

Methods of Deactivation: To deactivate a USDOT number, you must mail or fax a completed and signed MCS-150 or MCS-150B form to the FMCSA, indicating that you are out of business or no longer need the USDOT number for operation

Consequences of Not Deactivating:

Failing to properly deactivate your USDOT number can lead to civil penalties up to $10,000, as the number remains subject to federal regulations and compliance requirements

Verification and Confirmation:

After submitting your deactivation request, you can verify the status of your USDOT number through the FMCSA SAFER Company Snapshot website or the FMCSA online registration system to ensure that it has been officially deactivated

****To calculate fleet mileage, use the total miles traveled by all vehicles registered under your USDOT in 2024****